Stop Mauro and Marlon’s Deportation

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Mauro and Marlon Arboleda came to the United States in 2004 to escape violence in Colombia. After being denied an asylum petition in 2007, Mauro and Marlon now live a vulnerable life knowing that, at any time, they could be deported to a country they fear.
A couple of weeks ago, unidentified ICE vehicles began to station and patrol around their home. One morning, as Mauro was driving to tutor a student, he was arrested and detained despite having a valid driver´s license. Meanwhile, Marlon hasn’t left his home since the incident happened, afraid that ICE will detain him as well. 

Mauro is an outstanding student and a math and Spanish tutor. He graduated in May 2011 from The University of Houston with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance with a Sub-Track on Global Energy Management. He plans on taking his GRE on July 20. If he is deported, this graduate school bound student’s dreams will be shattered.

Because of his first-rate academic performance in high school, Marlon became a US President´s List inductee upon graduation. He is an honors student and an upcoming junior in mechanical engineering in the University of Houston. Upon graduation, he plans to work with renewable energies and green technologies to help with the energy crisis. Marlon regularly tutors high school students in math and physics.

Both brothers are well respected in their community and active members of their church. They are currently coordinating a leadership and personal development retreat for the community together.

Pictured (Left: Marlon, Right: Mauro)

We must act together to stop the injustice the Arboleda brothers are experiencing. By showing public support, we can create a compelling case to ask ICE to allow them to stay in the only country they call home. Sign this petition to ask the Texas regional ICE office, John Morton and Janet Napolitano to release Mauro from detention and to and grant both young men a Stay of Removal.



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